Thune Stands With Rand



Hats off to each of you who contacted Senator John Thune’s office.

Earlier this week Sen. Thune was refusing to go on record supporting pro-gun Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster against Obama’s gun control package.

But after receiving your calls and emails, Thune stood with Paul to block this anti-gun nightmare.  Unfortunately they were just nine votes short.

As you may have heard, Harry Reid sweet-talked and twisted-arms to break the filibuster, with Sen...

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Your Calls Are Working… Keep Them Coming


Your calls and emails are working!

Thune’s office is scrambling to assure gun owners that he will vote against S. 649.

But Thune is still REFUSING to support the filibuster.

If 40 Senators support Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster, the Democrats must have 60 votes, and Obama’s gun control package will be defeated for the time being.

But if conservatives refuse to support the filibuster and promise only to vote against S...

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Thune Voting “Yes” On Gun Control



The showdown over Obama’s anti-gun agenda in the U.S. Senate will be likely be decided within the next week.

Democrat Leader Harry Reid is laboring on a deal with weak-kneed Republican Senators like Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn and Iowa’s Chuck Grassley to dramatically expand background checks.

And deal cutting GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he can’t wait to see it.

But Capitol Hill insiders report this is nothing more than a vehicle bill for the rest of Obama’s nightmare agen...

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Three VITAL pro-gun bills!


Should self-defense be a crime?

Should you lose your job for defending your life?

Should the state of South Dakota help the Obama Administration use your private medical records to restrict your gun rights?

Within the next several days, vital legislation dealing with these issues will be up for a vote.

HB 1010 is the Constitutional Carry bill, which says you can’t be charged with a crime simply because you exercised your right to bear arms in self-defense without a government permit.

HB 1129 i...

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Keep The Calls & Emails Coming


Your calls and emails are working.

Two weeks ago SDGO alerted you to the anti-gun House Bill 1188, which gives an unelected board of bureaucrats in Yankton County power to arbitrarily strip South Dakotans of their gun rights, FOR LIFE. 

Thanks to the thousands of calls and emails you sent, HB 1188 has stalled before the House Health and Human Services Committee.

But now the sponsors are working to push this anti-gun nightmare through, and the bill WILL come up for a vote within the next few da...

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There are two bills up in the State Senate in the next few days that will heavily impact your gun rights.

First,anti-gun Senator Mark Kirkeby is bringing a nasty Gun Owner Gag Bill (SB 200). More on that further down.

Second, pro-gun Senator Ernie Otten is championing the Citizen Self-Defense Bill (SB 177).

Right now, anti-gun bureaucrats are turning South Dakota college campuses into so-called “gun free” zones, where law-abiding adults can’t defend themselves from armed criminals.

These ...

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Now You’re A Felon



Things are really heating up in Pierre.

The anti-gun crowd just introduced HB 1188, which could lock you up as a felon if the wrong person got hold of your firearm.

This bill goes WAY beyond disarming truly dangerous people and places a staggering burden on individual gun owners. In the real world, it would imprison law-abiding people for innocent mistakes.

But that’s not the worst part...

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Smoke It


Thanks to your calls and emails which flooded the House Local Government Committee, the Constitutional Carry bill (HB 1010) received a strong showing yesterday.

Many of the Committee members said they had never received so much communication on a bill.

Unfortunately, several Legislators who claim to be pro-gun voted against the bill after Governor Daugaard voiced his opposition. HB 1010 failed to pass the Committee by just one vote; 7-6 against it.

But this is FAR from a defeat...

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Employee Protection Bill


Scott Parsons tumbled forward in the darkness.

Just like that, the three thugs were on top of him, viciously kicking and stomping as he lay on the pavement, his left leg shattered.

All he wanted was to make his delivery, finish work for the day and go home to his son.

But the thugs intent on robbing the pizza delivery man didn’t really care.

Now on the verge of blackout, Scott was just able to grab his 9mm handgun and fire at his assailants.

All three fled in panic...

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Important Gun Vote – Action Needed

The Constitutional Carry bill has been scheduled for its first vote this Thursday, and the anti-gun crowd is already lining up.Leading them is Governor Dennis Daugaard, who just offered his limp-wristed excuses for why the Constitutional Carry bill (HB 1010) should be killed.

In the end Gov. Daugaard thinks self-defense should be illegal, unless you jump through the hoops to get a government permit. In reality, this does nothing to stop crime...

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Smoke In Your Face

 How can you tell when a politician is lying?

His lips are moving, or so the saying goes. Sometimes it really is that obvious.

Earlier this week our boots-on-the-ground ally South Dakota Gun Owners alerted you to the anti-gun shenanigans of House Speaker Brian Gosch.

In brief, Gosch wants to kill the Constitutional Carry bill (HB 1010) and replace it with a mix of limp-wristed compromises and anti-gun restrictions (see the email below for details).

You responded with a flood of respectful de...

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Obama Declares War


Just moments ago, President Obama and his anti-gun pals unveiled their plans to GUT our Second Amendment rights.

The list of new schemes goes on seemingly forever, but the most outrageous are exactly what I’ve been fearing . . .

The gun-grabbers are going for broke, including:

*** RAMMING into law the new Feinstein Gun Ban, and banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Far more draconian than the earlier ban, the new Feinstein Gun Ban and the Magazine Ban demonizes guns for looking “sc...

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Constitutional Carry

The fight is on in Pierre.
The 2013 South Dakota Legislative session is in full swing, and South Dakota Gun Owners has teamed up with pro-gun Representative Lance Russell and Senator Ernie Otten to introduce HB 1010, the “Constitutional Carry Bill.”Now the anti-gun crowd is on the warpath, and they’ve found an ally in House Speaker Brian Gosch.Last year, Gosch led the fight to kill Constitutional Carry...
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Joe Biden’s Anti-Gun Guarantee


“I guarantee you, we’ll get [gun control] done by the end of January.”

That’s what Vice President Joe Biden told Bloomberg pal and Mayors Against Guns co-founder Thomas Menino during their phone conversation last week . . .

With anti-gun fervor raging in the national media, gun-grabbers are determined to strike while the iron is hot.

You know what’s at stake.

The Feinstein Gun Ban and bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds are two radical measures anti-gun propagandists consta...

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Obama Says, Ban Guns !


Our Second Amendment rights are hanging by a thread.

Anti-gun hysteria is reaching a fever pitch.

And President Obama just announced he’s on the warpath — and he’s not taking any prisoners.

Luke, this is an all-out EMERGENCY.

And unless you act today, I’m afraid we’ll be staring at a gun control nightmare.

At a press conference immediately following the Connecticut shooting, President Obama made his intentions clear: He’s prepared to ram his anti-gun agenda down our throats.

The Whi...

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